Hi, I am Ilie Pruna

graphic designer

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What I Do

Social Media Management

I will manage your social media account. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Etc.. I'll be scheduling posts, giving you tips, advice and other stuff about how to grow your social media.

Graphic Design

I will make your artwork. I'm skilled on social media posts, such as: ads, story's and so on. I also make other stuff like cover arts, banners and etc.

Video Graphics

I'll be editing your videos. Music videos, vlogs, and any type of video you need. The softwares that i'll be using are: After Effects and Premier.

My Work

Who I am

Designer & developer based out of Portugal

Hi! My name is Ilie and i'm a 16y old romanian graphic designer/developer. I've been working with photoshop and other programms for about 3/4 years. I decided to become a Graphic Designer because it's something that makes me happy and i'd like to make a living out of it.

Now a bit more info about my personal life. I love games! My favorite games are: Minecraft, CS:GO, ZULA, Forza Horizon and Call Of Duty. My hobbies are: reading, listening to music and making graffiti. I absolutely love lasagna, it's easily my favorite food.

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My Work

A selection of my range of work